The Lakes, Bridgwater

Our new Bridgwater Hub opened in September 2020.

Activities at this hub include:

Students at Bridgwater Hub have access to a wide variety of ASDAN course. We choose challenges based on individual interests, and skills they want to improve. This gives our students ownership of their learning, access to an accredited programme of study as well as skills they can use over and over again throughout their lives.

We enjoy a wide variety of books and stories as we feel it is a good way of experiencing and exploring life, imagining possibilities and safely sharing our thoughts and feelings.

Communication Skills
In our communication sessions we use various ways to communicate. This can range from symbols, photographs, objects of reference, body language and signing depending on the student’s level of understanding. We also support the students by listening to their needs to encourage them to make their own independent choices.

Wellness Walks
We like to enjoy wellness walks in the beautiful local surroundings. encouraging health benefits and to improve our mental wellbeing.

Nature Activities
The Bridgwater Hub is in an idyllic location to embrace the nature all around us. We use the binoculars to spot different birds and wildlife including swans, herons, kingfishers, squirrels and rabbits.
Our nature activities include making bird feeders, scavenger hunts which are always popular and good fun and seasonal nature crafts e.g. conker reefs