Our Story

The Beginning

My Day Care Services is a family business owned and managed by Lucy and Mark Durman. 

It was created in July 2014 and launched as a unique, creative new person centred day service offering support to adults with learning disabilities, within the Taunton, Wellington and Bridgwater areas.

Since September 2014, My Day has had a contract with Somerset County Council and is an approved provider on the Open Framework. We currently have Commissioned Services – placements funded by the local authority, services paid through direct payments and privately funded customers. 

About Mark & Lucy

Lucy has worked in the care industry for 22 years having managed a day centre for over 15 years in the public sector and has experience of working both private and public sector residentials and supported living supporting people with disabilities.

Mark comes from a commercial background and joined the company in 2016 to take on a lead role in the business side of the company.

Lucy and Mark were Shared Lives carers for 10 years.

Our Values

Our Aims & Objectives

My Day offers outcome based support; we have a holistic approach with each individual person we support. We are passionate about seeing the person. Through individualised, person centred and personalised support we can make a real difference. 

  • We ensure the best possible standards.
  • We embrace meaningful, diverse, and inclusive community based activities.
  • We are passionate about choices.
  • We offer a safe environment.
  • We empower individuals to learn new skills – whatever the ability, building on self-confidence.
  • We understand the importance of being part of your local community, peer support and friendships.
  • We embrace positive risk taking.
  • We understand the importance of being and feeling valued.
  • We support volunteer work and community placements.
  • We help people to move into paid work.