Our Activities

We work in small groups, and also offer bespoke 1 to 1 support packages.

Our services cover Taunton, Bridgwater, Wellington and the surrounding areas. Door to door transport can be provided for an additional charge.

We operate predominantly Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Services we offer include:

Acorn Cafe

This pop-up community cafe, run by our students, gives an opportunity for students to meet together and build on their hospitality and catering skills.

Animal Care

We provide to a wide variety of activities including horse care, birds of prey, small animal care and therapeutic activities involving animals.


We are passionate about embracing Art and craft activities to encourage students to bring out their creative sides.


Students have access to a wide variety of ASDAN challenges. We choose challenges based on individual interests, skills we want to improve.


Time relaxing in nature is a huge boost to our student's wellbeing - we try and encourage as many of our activities to take place outside and strive to spend time being mindful each day.

Communication Skills

In our communication sessions we use various ways to communication. This can range from symbols, photographs, objects of reference, body language and signing depending on their level of understanding.


Baking and Independent cooking skills is always a popular activity. We support weekly cooking lunch skills and also regular baking.


We have weekly drumming sessions, such fun, full of energy and loud. We love sharing our drumming skills at local events.


The students get involved in a Karate session once a week instructed by MyDay staff Martin V 1st degree black belt.

Life Skills

At MyDay, everyday our students have opportunities to practice valuable life skills and grow in their independance. We cover everything from cooking skills to trips to the shops, managing finances, and communication skills.

Nature Activities

The Bridgwater hub is in an idyllic location to embrace the nature all around us. We use the binoculars to spot different birds, swans and their wildlife e.g. heron, kingfisher squirrels and rabbits.

Performing Arts

My Day supports run a weekly drama session. We have a professional drama tutor who helps us to build on peoples acting.


At Bridgwater hub we enjoy a wide variety of books and stories. We feel it’s a good way of experiencing and exploring life, imagining possibilities and sharing our feelings and thoughts safely.


We swim every day – it’s a great activity to keep fit and really sociable. Some students enjoy lane swimming, and others just enjoy being in the water with their friends.


At MyDay, our students get regular opportunities to play tennis at our local sports centre. We have a professional tennis tutor to help individuals improve their technique, and progress towards their own personal fitness goals.


At MyDay, our students get regular opportunities to go trampolining at our local sports centre. There are many health benefits to this activity. It helps build core strength, body co-ordination, release stress, and is a fun way of improving overall fitness.

Vehicle Maintenance

One of the activities on offer is vehicle maintenance. This involves basic safety checks such as checking fluid levels and tyre pressures on the MyDay vehicle. This is all completed to the abilities of the individual student.


My Day has been working very closely with local organisations and supporting regular food collections. We have a small group of volunteers that help collect food bank donations from 2 major supermarkets in town.

Wellness Walks

We like to enjoy wellness walks in the beautiful local surroundings. encouraging health benefits and to improve our mental wellbeing.

Wood Work

At the barn we do a woodwork session where the students get involved in an array of woodwork projects. We have made things such as a bag rack, vegetable planters and seasonal crafts.