Meet our Directors & Admin Staff

At My Day Care Services, we employ people from a diverse range of backgrounds with one main objective: to recruit the most caring individuals who are passionate about providing person-centred support to all of our students. 

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Lucy Durman


Lucy has always worked in the Health and Social Care sector, focusing on supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities. With a background working as a Team Leader for one of the largest Day Centres in Somerset, working directly for more than two decades with Somerset Council. Lucy is passionate about providing high-quality support, community engagement, engaging activities, and encouraging and supporting steps towards independence. Lucy founded My Day Care Services in 2015. The company stands as a testament to her commitment to providing excellent person-centred services to all students, something which is witnessed daily across the whole service.

At work, Lucy truly is the heart and soul of My Day - she likes to spend as much time as possible out on the 'shop floor', interacting with clients and staff to ensure the service delivery is of an excellent standard. Lucy can also be found working in our main office, at The Staplegrove Hub, where she is involved with liaising with Somerset Council, parents, carers, and other care professionals to ensure My Day is positioned to provide the best care to suit students' individual needs.

Mark Durman


Mark's role involves overseeing the financial and operational aspects of My Day to ensure optimal service delivery and financial stability. He is responsible for managing aspects such as Hub leases, vehicle operations, day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll, pensions, purchasing, invoicing, and the various essential behind-the-scenes operations that often remain unnoticed. His ambition revolves around ensuring the contentment, security, and well-being of the company, its staff, students, and suppliers.

Mark's ultimate objective is to position My Day to consistently provide top-tier service and support to both students and staff, both presently and in the future.

Rachael Delafeild

Operations Manager

Rachael has worked within the Health Care sector since 2007, starting off with the NHS, Rachael has developed a wide range of knowledge and skills. Rachael started to enjoy studying when she began working with a Training company in 2018, during this venture she gained qualifications in: dementia, Mental Health, Behaviours that challenge and Management and Leadership.

Rachael's most recent achievements include working in Care Homes, where she specialises in implementing policies, procedures, compliance and governance - preparing the homes for inspection. During this time, Rachael has successfully been able to contribute towards the improvement of homes rated 'inadequate' to 'good' in all areas.

Cath Bradley


Cath joined the team in 2018 and is part of the office team. She has previously worked with a Christian homeless charity and has a background in teaching. Her passion for learning and helping others has persistent as she plans events and new activities for our students. Cath is very creative and loves to sew, she spends a lot of her time making clothes for her seven nieces and nephews.
Her pet rabbit Buttons can often be found snuggled next to her on the sofa at home watching a movie. Cath is happy to give anything a go and will turn her hand to everything.

Monty Durman

Data & Communications Administrator

Monty is the ‘go to’ for everything to do with My Day’s IT systems, phones and all things tech. He sets up and maintains the systems that we need to use to remain compliant with things like data processing, security, and our internal communications. He makes sure that we get best value when shopping for computers, WiFi, software, and phones. Because he is young and fit he also helps Graham with stock purchasing, hub maintenance and looking after our vehicles. Being able to type at 90 words per minute means he is also used for note taking, recording minutes of meetings and updating all things written, including updating our website and social media platforms. When not being pulled in every different direction here at My Day, he can be found at Lyme Regis or the Apple Store in Exeter where he is on first name terms with all the staff.

Tony King

Facilities & Transport Coordinator

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Meet our Team Leaders & Deputies

At My Day, Team Leaders are the main point of contact for your hub. The deputy Team Leaders support the Team Leaders with the daily running of the hubs.

Ruth Mooney

Team Leader, Oaks Hub

Ruth joined the My Day Team in 2015, and after a long stint as Duty Manager, Ruth is now the Team Leader at our Oaks Hub. Ruth is enthusiastic about her role working alongside other Staff to support students engage in meaningful activities within the Hub and in the community. Ruth enjoys liaising with parents and carers along with college students (who are on placement with us) and other medical / care professionals.
Ruth promotes a happy and nurturing environment within her hub where students have the ability to express themselves and try out new experiences!

Alison Cooper

Team Leader, Barn Hub

Alison joined the Team in 2018 and is the Team Leader at the Barn Hub. Alison spends the majority of her time supporting students with the various activities within the hub, such as: woodwork, gardening, work-based activities and also enjoys facilitating the completion of ASDAN courses.
Alison brings 35 years of experience to the team, having spent this time working with people with learning disabilities from many different backgrounds.

Andrea Porter

Team Leader, Bridgwater HUB

Andrea came on board in February 2019, and when My Day expanded opening our new Hub in Bridgwater, we just knew Andrea was the person for the job!
Andrea is the Dysphasia Link Worker here at My Day, which involves liaising with other care professionals to support students with their eating and drinking needs. Andrea is most likely to be found at the Bridgwater Hub, or supporting students within the community (which she loves!).

Melissa Avis

Team Leader, Staplegrove Hub

Mel is the Team Leader at The Staplegrove Hub, where she and her team assist students to develop their independent skills within the hub environment and out in the community.
Mel is passionate about helping the Students to learn new skills and building on their confidents to achieve their goals.

Samantha Burdon

Team Leader, Conquest Centre Hub

Sam joined the My Day team back in 2015, starting out as a volunteer. A few months later, My Day opened its 2nd hub, the 'Farm Hub' based at Conquest Centre, just outside of Taunton. Sam jumped at the opportunity and has been a Team Leader ever since.
Sam supports students with a variety of activities including horse care, small animal care, gardening, woodwork, arts and crafts and various ASDAN courses.

Gayle Nicholls

Deputy Team Leader

Gale recently joined the Team as the newly appointed Deputy Team Leader at the Oaks Hub. Gayle has a background working in education for the past 28 years, where she worked in several SEN schools as support staff and more recently as a class teacher. It has been great to catch up with some ex-students of hers! Gayle is passionate about enabling students to be as independent as possible and loves to give them a voice to do this. With a range of experience with various different communication systems, Gayle is an expert when it comes to helping students communicate in whichever form this may be.

Martin Vickery

Deputy Team Leader

Martin joined the team in December 2018 as a Support Worker based at the Barn Hub. Martin is proud to have accumulated 21 years of experience working within the care industry, making him the perfect fit for My Day! Martin's wide range of experience helps to enable students, empowering them to make the most of their sessions. Did you know Martin is also our in-house karate expert? Martin has been running regular sessions where students have had the amazing chance to learn basic blocks, strikes and self-defence techniques. Martin is most likely to be found at the Barn Hub, or traveling around the different hubs offering Karate sessions to a larger group of students.

Bridget Marsh

Deputy Team Leader

Bridget joined My Day in 2019 bringing with her over 30 years of knowledge and different experiences supporting adults with disabilities in either their home or day service. In 2020 she moved to the Bridgwater Hub and has recently been promoted to Deputy Team Leader and is looking forward to what her new role will bring!
Bridget's kind nature and encouragement has enabled the students to become more confident with activities that are important to them.

Cheryl Hutchings

Deputy Team Leader

Cheryl joined the Team in June 2023 as a full time Support Worker. During work, you're most likely to find Cheryl as the Acting Deputy Team Leader at Staplegrove Hub.
Cheryl enjoys the variety of the role, and how every day is so different! Cheryl has 13 years' experience working within the Care industry making her the perfect fit for our Staplegrove Hub.

Martin Barter

Deputy Team Leader

Martin joined the team at the Conquest Hub in August 2022, having previously worked at the Barn Hub. After a short few weeks, Martin became the Deputy Team Leader at our Conquest Hub, and is now involved in the daily running of the hub, completing Support Plans, Risk Assessments, ordering stock, etc. Martin boasts more than 10 years of experience working with Adults with Learning Disabilities. Martin is most likely to be found at the allotment, teaching students all about gardening! Martin is extremely passionate about enabling students to participate in activities, many of which are outdoors-based. Martin's favourite thing about his job is seeing students enjoying their time at My Day!

Meet our Support Staff

Debbie Webber

Support Worker

Debbie joined the team in November 2023. Having worked in Education for multiple years, Debbie brings experience which will no-doubt assist in her new role here at My Day. Debbie works at our Staplegrove Hub full-time, meaning that she has is getting to know the students well and learning the ropes! At work, Debbie is most likely to be found supporting students with the wide variety of activities which take place around the Hub. Outside of work, Debbie enjoys motorbikes - going out with her partner who has 4! Debbie is a long-term supporter of Chelsea FC, so enjoys going to watch their matches when possible.

Donna Squire

Support Worker

Meet Donna - a Support Worker at our Oaks Hub. Donna has worked in Health and Social Care for 27 years in various residential homes as well as day services. She joined us in November 2018 as a Support Worker, and hasn't looked back since! Donna's most likely to be found supporting students on a 1-2-1 basis both at our Oaks Hub and within the community.
Part of Donna's role is to facilitate engagement in a wide range of person-centred activities. Donna also encourages students to look after their physical needs.

Elaine Thorne

Support Worker

Elaine joined us in January 2017 as a Support Worker and after a short break to complete her teacher training qualification, is now back with us on a part-time basis, working at our Farm Hub at Conquest Centre. Elaine has worked within a social-care background for the last 20 years, making her familiar with our ethos and culture.
We are so pleased that Elaine is now a fully qualified teacher, and are excited to watch her continue to support the provision of the ASDAN qualifications that we offer to our students.

Vicki Pizzi

Support Worker

Vicki joined the Staplegrove hub in 2022 after working in the care sector for 12 years. Vicki really enjoys working with the students and trying new activities planned, she likes to dance, cook and have lots of fun which shows in her bubbly personality.

James Delaney

Support Worker

James has been working for My Day since January 2017 as a Support Worker. One of James' main roles within the team is supporting students to access the local community and with volunteer work placements.
James loves to support students with meaningful activities and enjoys sharing his passion for arts and crafts to encourage students to bring out their creative side!

Christopher Wade

Support Worker

Chris is a new addition to our team at Bridgwater, joining the team in October 2023 as a full-time Support Worker. Chris brings 35 years’ experience to the table, having spent this time working in professional adult social care. Chris has an NVQ Level 3 in adult social care, counselling qualifications, experience working in a pastoral care role within the local parish and being a mental health first aider, supporting colleagues and students alike.
Chris is a strong believer in promoting empowerment, independence, encouraging people to reach their own potential, together with building their self-esteem… Sounds like he’s well aligned with our values! Chris cares for his sister, who lives with a learning disability along with other medical conditions, which takes up most of his time outside of work. Chris enjoys walking his two golden retriever puppies along the beautiful countryside and coastline of West Somerset.

Carol Clarke

Support Worker

Carol joined My Day in 2023 as a Support Worker. She has worked with young people with Autism and Learning Disabilities for 9 years. Carol enjoys supporting students in their varied daily activities, helping them to learn new skills and challenges.

Karen Evans

Support Worker

Karen has been working with My Day since October 2020.
Karen started out primarily working on a 1-2-1 basis and now works across the service supporting a range of different students to engage in meaningful activities.

Linsey Attree

Support Worker

Linsey has worked in a residential care setting for over 17 years and is now proud to be working at our Barn Hub as a Support Worker.

Fran Turner

Support Worker

Fran has worked in various sectors of the care industry over the last 16 years. Fran enjoys helping to empower people and make a difference to people's days! Outside of work, Fran is most likely to be found spending time with her family, children and dogs. She also enjoys playing pool!

Claire Wiggins

Support Worker

In 2018, Claire began working at My Day on a relief basis, bringing with her a wealth of experience in the field of learning disabilities. As time went on, she transitioned into a more permanent role within the Farm Hub. She takes joy in helping students engage in a variety of activities based on their preferences, like looking after animals, working in the allotments, cooking, and enjoying refreshing nature walks in the beautiful countryside.
Claire's passion for arts and crafts is evident as she enthusiastically leads students in various creative projects, encouraging exploration and community involvement in recent undertakings.

Rachel Wicks

Support Worker

Rachael is a new addition to the team - having worked with Adults with Learning Disabilities for the past 5 years, she is passionate about her role at My Day and thoroughly enjoys making a positive impact on people's lives. Rachael loves being active (something which we also love at My Day!), by walking in the countryside with her Labrador (Sparky).
Rachael is a music-enthusiast! Having a background as a professional singer, Rachael hosts some thrilling music sessions across the service.

Tina Hucker

Support Worker

Tina joined the Oaks Hub in 2021 and brought with her a wealth of knowledge having worked within LD services for the last 13 years.
Tina is creative, outgoing and possesses a kind nature, something which helps her to form great relationships with her students, always utilising a person-centred approach.

Heidi Harvey

Support Worker

Heidi is a new addition to the Team, working across the service as a Support Worker. Heidi has spent most of her working career working within the care industry within various different roles, and is now pleased to be settling in here at My Day.
Outside of work, Heidi is most likely to be found out walking - something which she loves and helps her to relax and unwind. Welcome to the team, Heidi!

Natasha Broad

Support Worker

Natasha has worked in the Social Care industry for 7 years in a residential care home, after a short break she has returned to the industry - she loves making a difference to people’s lives while having fun at the same time! 
Natasha loves working with animals, being outside and going on walks - promoting exercise and outdoor activities. 
In her spare time, Natasha enjoys taking her chocolate Labrador, Bilbo, out for walks in the countryside.

Rhiannon Webb

Support Worker

Rhiannon joined My Day in July 2023 after working for six years as a support worker for adults with learning disabilities in a residential setting. She had always wanted to do more community-based support work and had a strong interest in My Day.
She's having a great time getting to know the staff and students at My Day while joining in on the daily activities. Everyone has made her feel so welcome, which makes her feel lucky to be in a job that's so rewarding and fun. She loves bringing variety and enjoyment to each day and finding her place in the My Day atmosphere.

Richard Godden

Support Worker

Richard joined the Barn Hub in 2022 and came with a wealth of creative experience having previously run workshops across the county as the driver of the play bus. He loves to run art and woodwork sessions and is looking forward to running recycled art workshops for other hubs. Richard's kind and optimistic personality has allowed him to form great relationships with the students and he says he loves preparing for the sessions as every day brings a new bit of fun!

Sarah Dobson

Support Worker

In September 2021, Sarah became a part of the Bridgwater Hub after dedicating three decades to working in residential settings. Sarah spends most of her time supporting students on a one-on-one basis; however, also finds great satisfaction in collaborating with all the other students within the hub.
Sarah’s passions include: providing assistance to the students, whether it's through cooking, dancing, bowling, delightful strolls around the picturesque local vicinity, or engaging in various other activities.

Sam Fidler

Support Worker

Sam has a passion for helping students to develop their independence and encouraging them to fulfil any aspirations they have. Sam is a valued member of the Bridgwater Hub, where he works as a Support Worker in the idyllic setting by the lakes.
Outside of work, Sam is most likely to be found Filmmaking, attending music festivals, going out in his van, walking and reading.

Natalie Wills

Support Worker

Natalie has worked with us since 2017, she is highly passionate about her work and brings with her every morning an element of fun, experience and compassion. Natalie is most likely to be found supporting students on a 1-2-1 basis as well as engaging in group activities. Natalie told us that the thing she finds most rewarding about her job is knowing that she has made a difference and contributed to somebody's day.

Hannah Chamberlin

Support Worker

Hannah has worked within the Adult Social Care industry for 2 years, following a 10-year tenure working within an education environment, specialising in SEN (Special Educational Needs). Hannah brings a range of both personal and life experience to the team, making her the perfect fit for our Bridgwater Hub.
Outside of work, Hannah is most likely to be found on a walk in the forest or up on the hills where she enjoys wildlife photography. Hannah loves to spend time with her family, so is quite often embarking on trips to the beach or on holiday where she particularly loves swimming in the sea.
Hannah really enjoys anything to do with crafts, she finds it relaxing (so do our students!) – and she’s a firm believer that it’s not about the end product, instead the process of getting there and the fun had along the way!

Matilda Phippen

Support Worker

Matilda comes from a residential care background, supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities for 4 years - she has also worked as a SEN (Special Educational Needs) camp in Canada and a SEND school in the UK. Outside of work, Matilda is most likely to be found travelling or baking!

Meet our Relief Support Staff

A member of the Relief Team is a staff member who works at My Day, but may not have regular working hours. They usually step in if there is a shortage of staff across the service. 

Jan Crocker

Support Worker, Relief Team

I have worked for My Day for nearly five years. I enjoy all aspects of my job especially working 1:1 with a student supporting them to meet their individual needs. I also like working with small groups of students helping them to express themselves through the various activities they choose.

One of my favourite activities is music; we have taken part in many performances, including performing in Taunton town centre and local nursing homes.

Lynn Stone

Support Worker, Relief Team

Lynn joined My Day a month after it opened, 9 years ago - making her one of the longest serving staff members, go Lynn! Lynn has worked with many different people over the years.

Lynn sadly retired in January 2023, but we simply missed her too much! We managed to convince her to join the relief team, meaning we often see her picking up shifts when needed. Lynn has a unique and diverse skill-set, and is able to turn her hand to anything.

Graham Durman


Meet Graham, a new addition to My Day Care Services since 2022, serving as the newly appointed Facilities Manager.
With a focus on overseeing the My Day Hubs, Vehicles, and Health and Safety, Graham's role revolves around creating an environment where staff and students can thrive with access to top-notch facilities.

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Claire Rainey

Support Worker, Relief Team

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