Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance at The Barn Hub

Written By: Martin Vickery, Deputy Team Leader

On Monday mornings, three of the Barn students choose to take part in our weekly Motor Mechanics and Valeting session. What an amazing way to start the week!

We are fortunate enough to have an old car to work on, so we can do with it what we want. In the few weeks we have been running these sessions, we have learnt about the different parts of the engine that need checking and sometimes topping up to keep the car running efficiently.

We have taken the wheels off and learnt about the braking system and identify the components needed to make the car stop safely. To break up the session, the students are learning how to valet the car to a good standard which initially is washing and hoovering but this will progress into polishing and basic detailing.

The students really enjoy this session and love getting stuck in as well as learning something new.  


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