Swimming – Staplegrove

Swimming at The Staplegrove Hub

Written By: James Delaney, Support Worker

Joe and Tommy go swimming on a Thursday morning. Instead of just swimming each week, we had a discussion about doing something with this session to aim for. I suggested the challenge of swimming the English Channel. The guys agreed and were excited to get going!

We sat down and worked out that it was roughly 22 miles from point to point, this workd out at 702 lengths in a standard swimming pool. We did the maths and established that if we swam 15 lengths per week, it would take us around 57 weeks.

To date, we have been swimming weekly for 11 weeks, completing a grand total of…. 195 lengths so far! How awesome is that?

Joe and Tommy count down the lengths each week and feedback has been that they are really enjoying the challenge. This has been such a success that the students are considering starting a fundraiser to raise money for charity to support their efforts. Well done Joe and Tommy, we are all so proud of you for working so hard and being so passionate about this challenge.


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