Conquest Hub

Our Story:
The Farm Hub opened in September 2015 in response to a desire to be community based and offer our students an outdoor experience caring for animals and working on the land. This enabled us to take on and care for a number of small animals, work with the horses and took after and care for a variety of farm animals. We have also managed to extablish a year round allotment. In 2021 we opened a second building called The Lodge. The Farm Hub currently has six staff and twenty two students.

The Farm Hub:
The Farm Hub supports a variety of activities including horse management, small animal care, donkey enrichment, horticultural skills, walks, and community allotment. There is also a community cafe on site.

We are very fortunate to have access to acres of land and forest to explore and discover the local wildlife. We also support students through ASDAN training which includes a diverse range of subjects from money skills, independence skills, woodwork and horse care.