My Day goes on holiday!

In May, My Day had its first holiday. This proved to be very popular with the eight service users and four members of staff who accompanied them to Foxes Hotel, Minehead.

My Day Holiday May 2016 by Kester Moon:

When we set off we did a holiday jump in the air and loaded our Case’s on the minibus, We stayed in Foxes Hotel a hotel where our meals were served to us the Menu had thing’s like Cheesy veg bake, sticky toffee sponge. Our first day was a chilled evening and getting to know us everyone was tired Suzanne was on the first duty, Kye, Penny stayed with us throughout the holiday. The highlight of the Holiday was visiting fun Butlin’s and using the swimming pool the rapids were really fun and Ruth got swept away by the rapids. We did the 6 march thing in the water and enjoyed ourselve’s, in the evening we sat down and enjoyed our meal all catered for by the students Ruth was fun when she ran through the door and licked our lips at the Menu, the music went doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooododod in the dining room. Fun cool Kye was in charge of the boy’s room every morning he said rise and shine boy’s breakie and jumped 4 times, the morning routine went time for breakie get ready for the door. My days had a look round Minehead and visited the shop’s, one highlight was Kye doing a 2 step splash in the pool, Penny getting covered in bubbles in the rapid’s.