Always working to improve

Well today we purchased a new fridge for the Conquest Centre My Day hub portakabin. We collected it from Currys at Hankridge, Taunton, and delivered it over to Conquest in the My Day mini bus. It was quick and easy to choose the fridge we needed, there were loads on display and we managed to find a really good value one which has a small ice box and is really efficient to run. Having a mini bus with seats that fold down so easily (thanks Citroen!) makes it so much easier to be able to collect locally rather than have to wait around for deliveries.

The ever helpful (and committed) team at Conquest – Jess, Simon and Kate were there and it was perfect timing as I was able to assist with the moving of the new chicken house. They are very lucky chickens as this is probably the best house they could ever have! Huge, built to last and I understand it will also have an automatic door to keep them safe and secure. It is so well built that it took four of us to lift it into the horse box and then an extra helper was needed for us to lift it into the chicken’s enclosure. I’ll make sure I post some pictures of it when the lucky chickens have moved in.

It was interesting to see the Conquest Riding Centre on a chilly Sunday afternoon when the days events had ended and there were just a few staff members there. Whilst not having the usual buzz of activity during the week things were still being done, horses being cared for, the yard being cleaned and prepped for the week ahead and jobs like building new chicken houses were being done. Constantly improving the facilities and the welfare for the animals just happens, irrespective of normal working or trading hours.

This ethos is the same as ours at My Day. Weekday, weekend, evening or morning, rain or shine we are always working to improve.


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